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In the map above, you can zoom out to view the entire town and the location of various construction projects. By clicking on a push pin, you can view project information and zoom in to view the streets that are affected. Project limits are depicted with a gray line. Red lines indicate active construction zones and green lines are suggested alternate routes. The map includes portions of New England, but the address search function is limited to Framingham.


Have questions or need assistance?

Please contact the DPW Capital Program Office at 508-532-6040 or DPWProjects@framinghamma.gov if your water service is interrupted or you are experiencing problems with water quality, access to your home or business or other Capital Construction Project Impacts in your neighborhood. The Office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For after hours emergencies, please call 508-532-6040 and you will be connected to on-call staff.

Town of Framingham Department of Public Works’ Capital Improvement Program

Welcome to the Department of Public Works’ Capital Improvement Program (CIP) website. This site was created to provide important information to Framingham residents and business owners as well as those that visit or commute through our community. As you navigate the site you’ll find capital improvement project descriptions, traffic alerts and construction zone maps, notices of planned and unanticipated interruptions of services and other helpful information. We encourage you to visit this site often and welcome your feedback. 


About the Capital Improvement Program

The Town of Framingham has embarked on an extensive capital improvement program of its critical infrastructure systems – roadways and traffic management, water distribution, wastewater collection and stormwater conveyance. Major portions of these vital systems have exceeded their life expectancy, are prone to failure, require excessive operation and maintenance support and consume unnecessarily large quantities of energy. In addition, regulatory requirements mandate many of these necessary upgrades. The goals of this program include maintaining regulatory compliance, improving system condition and reliability and reducing energy consumption. The CIP will be fully coordinated with other Town, State and private projects to maximize cost effectiveness.  

Construction work, particularly of this magnitude, can be disruptive. We ask for your patience and are committed to doing everything possible to minimize these impacts.