Woodland Drive Force Main Replacement Project

  1. Project Overview
  2. Project Status
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The City has concluded that the Woodland PS force main should be replaced due to its age, materials of construction and risk / consequences of failure. The existing 10-inch force is approximately 60 years old and is constructed of asbestos cement (AC) pipe. The force main currently crosses under the Massachusetts Turnpike and in areas of high vulnerability that are subject to significant damage if the pipeline were to fail. The DPW recently needed to repair a section of the force main located adjacent to the pump station.  In order to avoid future access issues for maintenance and repairs of the force main, a new alignment for the force main will be installed to eliminate the existing crossing under the Mass Pike.

Work to be conducted in 2016 includes soil borings along the proposed alignment,  survey to define the limits of construction, and wetland delineation. This information will be used to develop an alternatives analysis and preliminary design. Construction is not scheduled to start before the summer of 2018.