Housing Plan

The Housing Plan was adopted by town Meeting in May 2007. It was developed under the direction of the Framingham Housing Policy Liaison Committee (HPLC), which included representatives from the Board of Selectmen and Planning Board.

The HPLC received professional support from planning consultants and the Community And Economic Development Division (CED). The 2007 Framingham Housing Plan is available online. In 2014, the CED Division prepared an update to the to 2007 Housing Plan.
  • 2014 Housing Plan Update
  • 2014 Housing Plan Tables
Action Plan
Following a June 24, 2014 Presentation to the Board of Selectmen, a 2 year Action Plan was prepared and approved by the Board of Selectmen.

Our Goals
The Housing Plan's goal is to accommodate all appropriate planning approaches to housing. A guiding principle of the plan is to preserve existing housing diversity and determine strategies for maintaining and enhancing Framingham's housing diversity in response to social and economic trends in the town.